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Wairimu Ndung’u

And loving ourselves in the process

“Crazy About Her” movie on Netflix

It all starts with Adri who’s enthralled by Carla, a girl who picks him up at a club and takes him out on the night of his life… at the start of a manic episode (but he doesn’t know that yet). Obsessed about getting her number, Adri gets himself “falsely” admitted into the mental health residency she lives in only for Carla to reject him (rightfully so) because he only loves a part of her that he has no real understanding of. The part in question being her fun, confident, impulsive side.

This repeatedly shows up during their initial interactions…

A personal experience

Photo by Claudia Wolff on Unsplash

I’m walking towards my bed and the room is spinning. No, in fact, I’m spinning or I guess my mind is?

Just as I manage to lie on my belly, I have to rush to the toilet due to what seems like diarrhoea. It doesn’t stop there, this wave of nausea hits me just as I’m leaving the toilet and next thing I know, I’m lying in a foetal position on my bed for what feels like hours.

Hours within which I google “getting off venlafaxine” then decide to take it up with my then psychiatrist —…

Trigger Warning: In honour of suicide awareness and prevention, I’m sharing my own approach to thinking about suicide backed by my personal experiences thus this article contains details about suicide that may be triggering for some of you.

While my aim is to break the stigma around suicide ideation, it’s absolutely okay if you’re not in a position to digest this information as of yet. It doesn’t make you any less of a mental health awareness activist/ally. Be kind to and take care of yourself first — at least that’s how I’ve made it this far.

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“You’ll probably battle suicide…

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this burden weighs heavily on my heart. I’ve realised it’s not just police brutality of which I’m fed up but the injustice in my backyard.

I believe the real reason behind many of society’s oppressive behaviours today lies within the family.

From the domineering disrespectful behaviour of one partner. To the enabling subservient behaviour of another. And the tragedy lining the path behind these two precarious lovers — mainly their wounded children who repeat the cycle.

We have normalised toxic behaviour in the home. We have made it okay not to…

It allows me to learn all my life

Girl types on laptop with a book and pen beside laptop on the desk
Girl types on laptop with a book and pen beside laptop on the desk
Photo by Surface on Unsplash

Taking it back to pre-school

When I was five years old, I remember hovering around my mother one Saturday morning. I needed her to call my nursery teacher and make sure I wasn’t missing a class that day.

Loving school seemed “cute” back then.

And I had no idea about all the current criticisms the Kenyan education system gets. Now I happen to be one of its biggest critics as well.

I didn’t know that I actually didn’t fit in with the system.

This might come as a shock to many who went to school with me. …

Read to understand yourself. Write to reflect and connect with others.

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As my bio states, I’m an avid reader. I love books. I feel that they’ve kept me sane and raised me for most of my life.

Every time I’m experiencing a drastic life change or thinking about something new and profound, I reach out for, well, a book.

It’s my medicine.

I often read two to three at a go; usually something heavy about finances or trauma recovery. Alongside something absolutely soul-stirring like a memoir and/or poetry.

Currently going strong with my 2020 Goodreads reading challenge (three books behind schedule but I’m getting there).

Right now, this looks like Patricia…

So I do it ALL the time…

A confident child looking up wears a shirt with the words, “love who you are”
A confident child looking up wears a shirt with the words, “love who you are”
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I haven’t been on social media in a while. Actually, scratch that,

I deleted ALL my social media accounts at the beginning of this year — for the second time.

As my brother likes to say, “you literally start new lives”. And he’s right, I do. I shut down everything that no longer serves who I’ve grown into. I listen to my Authentic Power and move on to the next.

That explains the fate of my first two blogs (deleted the second one). And maybe even my inability to remain in circles I’ve outgrown. …

Wairimu Ndung’u

Done-With-Perfection-Writer | Avid Reader | Mental Illness Awareness Content | PsychoSpiritual

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